Could it be science, magic or lifehacks? In this video I have everything. I wanted to show you some useful tricks that you can apply in your everyday life to make it easier.
If you keep a wine glass in your hand and try to sink it slowly holding it balanced on top of the water, it can actually float, and it won’t sink below its neck.
If your doormat is too slippery, you can add some cling film underneath it and stick it to the floor. The clingfilm will create enough friction to prevent the matt from sliding.
You can use the lid from a tin container and hold it by the ring to actually cut your veggies. This will prevent you from having an accident while using a knife.
You can repurpose a napkin holder into a kitchen cleaning sponge holder to keep your sink more organized.
Don’t throw wine corks away. You can repurpose them into drawer handles for your furniture.
I also show you how to recycle old items in your home and turn them into useful organizers. For example, you can use paper bags, cut them to the length you want and then fill them with what you need to organize.
I show you how to polish your silver using some toothpaste and a sponge. Simply, slid a hole in your kitchen sponge and then fill it up with toothpaste. After that, dip it in some water and start polishing. Toothpaste has calcium carbonate and it’s used to remove scratches and little particles form our teeth, so it will work wonders on your silvers.

1:06 – How to keep from plants from bending
2:16 – Amazing DIY organizer
2:52 – How to polish your silver
4:01 – Make your own screen cleaner
5:16 – How to paint a chair without making a mess
7:04 – Genius lifehacks you can’t live without
8:55 – How to tie a tie
10:27 – How to keep your fridge clean with cling film


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