How to Fold : Origami Flower | Do It Yourself

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Check this video for step by step instruction on how to make Origami Flower.


1. Take a square sheet of 10X10 cm

2. Fold it across and crease as shown above

3. Leave the tringle intact and fold on the sides to make a square again

4. Now fold it backwards along the cross and open the fold as shown above

5. Now fold the right bottom corner on to the top and crease. then hide it inside as shown

6. Now fold the open edges in to the middle. do it on botht the sides and fold them flat to the body.

7. Turn and open up. your single petal is ready

8. Make 4 more petals and glue them on the sides like shown above.

9. Glue all the petals on the side and finally open the petals to stick the first one to the last like shown


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